Welcome to Radiant Sky, an online portfolio of an aspiring comic artist, Doua Jai Yang! Here you will find a variety of different types of works. What you will mostly find is anime-manga styled art works as that is my most favorite style of drawing. Feel free to take a look around and please do enjoy yourself!

News & Updates

Small Update and Anime Detour

Written By: Doua Jai
February 10, 2012

Hey guys!

I haven’t been drawing a lot of “serious” drawings, but I did make a small update! I updated Fan Art with one brand new drawing and one Original drawing that’s kind of a few weeks old. I’m hoping to add a new category of “Sketches” soon, but we’ll see about that! My shop is still under construction, sorry about that!

With this, I’ll be attending Anime Detour 2012 with an artist table! I will be selling new prints, buttons, stickers and possibly some bottle cap buttons this year! Please come and stop by! Thank you!