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Written By: Doua Jai
July 12, 2012

Added in Fan Art: Persona 4 Critical Mode, Seeking Oceanus and Natsume Yuujinchou group

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table during AniMinneapolis!! My next convention is Anime Nebraskon. I will be tabling with my friend Nan again, so I hope to see you all there! I will be adding new buttons and new key chains! I look forward to it!

Also, the “Seeking Solace Project” is finally taking off! The project consists of my two older sisters and I working together. Our goal is to donate some percentage to three different non-profit organizations! After AniMinneapolis, we donated 30% of our profits to these organizations: Doctors without Borders, Share our Strength and Wildcat Sanctuary. If you would like to let us know of another non-profit organization or maybe even your own, feel free to suggest it to us! When the Seeking Solace Project webpage is up, it’ll have more information!

Thanks again!

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